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Zucchero X Fabrizio Fiorani

Contemporary Italian Pastries

Roman born, Fabrizio’s rise from serving gelatos in the city to harnessing his pastry-making skills in Tokyo, has now led him to debut his first dedicated space, with the curation of Zucchero X Fabrizio Fiorani, at W Rome. Mindful of the hotel’s celebration of the duality of the city, he refuses to be defined just by tradition but totally reveres customs that are embedded in pastry making.
Get ready to indulge

Mastering the sweetness

A believer in ‘gifting ourselves moments of happiness’, Fabrizio opens up a playful taste-sensation dialogue for those ready to indulge. His motivations tie into the Italian mindset that connects fabulous flavors to lively conversation.

A Feast for the eyes

Mirroring Rome’s preoccupation with the pursuit of pleasure, his artistry in pastries and desserts mixes complex flavors, textures and creativity to feed the mind, heart and soul. There is an experimental magic to his sweet treats. Norms are dismantled so that everything he creates is entirely interactive.

Creative takes on your favourite sweets

His philosophy is to select the best ingredients, adopt the top techniques and generate interaction between desserts and people. It’s the ‘spreading moments of happiness’ through sugar that defines his craft.

Fabrizio's trademark style

Designed to disrupt nostalgia, get hold of a gold token to slot into the custom candy dispenser and fuel the element of surprise as a tempting sugar fix is revealed.